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We often need economic donations for developing our projects, but this year we also need you to network with us in a different way. Many people have items that they would like to give to us for Honduras but have no idea how to get them to us. Possibly, you know an organization that would provide the items we are looking for. We need anything from a box of tools, musical instruments, a sewing machine, sports equipment, classroom equipment, or clinic equipment. Let us know if you have any questions. 

We are also raising funds for the shipping costs. Click for online donations.

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Would you like to join us for a treasure hunt that will help us in Honduras? Help us fill this container that is heading to Honduras. The container is sitting in Marion, Indiana and waiting to be filled with items that may be of use in Honduras. 

Lab Equipment

Clinic Equipment

Office Equipment

Classroom Equipment

Lab Equipment

Horizontal laminar flow fume hood



Bunson Burner



Vortex Mixer


Orbital Rotation Platform


Micropipette Stand


Water Bath

E8 Scientific Centrifuge

Platform Mixer for tubes

Micro Centrifuge

Micro Centrifuge

Digital Differential Cell Counter

Ozone Destructor

Stat Fax

Bio Hazard Waste Bags

Sharps Containers



Analog Oven

Tube Sealer

Taylor Timer

Pipette Points


Precision Balance


Hospital beds

Need 10 total (Have 8)

Hospital Bed Table

Ten needed (We have 5).

Wheel Chairs

We have the minimum that we need (5) but could use more.

We have 5 wheel chairs. We could us up to 5 more. 

Exam Table

We 3 more exam tables.

We need three additional exam tables. 

Office Equipment

File Cabinets


Classroom Needs

Anatomy Models


Smart Board

School Tables and Chairs

Storage Cabinets


Vocational School

Auto Mechanics Tools

We need a variety of tools for our two shops.

Sports Equipment

We need all kinds of sports equipment for our youth programs. 

Sewing machines

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Monogram Sewing Machines




A skateboarding Park?

Sometimes we dream big.

Sometimes we dream big. Could it happen?

A printing press?

We need to develop and print our own educational materials: church, vocational education, nursing education, health promotion, and serve the community. At the same time, we will have a self-supporting micro-enterprise.





Contact Us

Let us know if you need additional information.

Let us know if you need more information.