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World Gospel Mission

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3783 East State Road 18 P.O. Box 948 Marion, Indiana 46952-0948   

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Lizzie Scholarship

A donation of $1,000 annually will provide a student with a scholarship to our vocational school or nursing high school. 

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Nursing High School

The Choluteca nursing school is a career technical high school that is a pilot program for Honduras. 

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Build a House

It costs us $5,000 for materials to construct a house for a needy family. Would you like to come help us build a new house?

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Overholt Ministry

Our personal ministry account is usually in good shape. It has dropped dramatically over the past several months. Consider donating.

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Current Choluteca Ministry Projects

Auto Mechanics shop

Our newly remodeled auto mechanics building.

Our building has been finished. Now we now need $13,000 to purchase equipment. 

Classroom- Nursing School


By early February 2019, it is essential to expand our facilities in order to add a new class of students. We will be building three second-floor classrooms. Our financial needs have been met for buying construction materials. We still need to equip the classroom and build new bathrooms.

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In 2019 we plan to start a new initiative in the community of Apacilagua. The project will include health promotion, vocational education, and church planting. We are attempting to raise funds to build a multi-purpose building to serve as a classroom and meeting place for our new congregation.  We also want to start vocational courses for the high school agriculture students.  

Community Health Education


We need $1,000 yearly for the support of each of our health promoters. 

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Home Economics building- Vocational School


We have added a new "Home Economics" section to the vocational school. The building is finished, but we need $5,000 for equipment. 

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We are looking for donated items to fill a 40-foot container with equipment for our vocational and nursing schools. We need to raise $10,000 to cover the costs of purchasing a shipping container and sending it to Honduras. 

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Order Library Books


Books may be ordered online. By default, they will be sent to our daughter Rachel who will send them on to us. Better yet, order them to bring down when you come visit us. We also use Kindle digital books. (Amazon Wish List)

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Supervised Education Projects


In 2018, we are implementing two new programs that are focusing on educating youth in southern Honduras. They will be built on the same concepts as 4-H and FFA in the United States. 

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Health Promotion


The Health Promotion program is a non-formal education program that is administered through our vocational school. Health promoters will be vital to our continuing plans for community transformation. 

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