Angie and Larry  Overholt

We have been missionaries with World Gospel Mission since 1980. Our children grew up in Honduras.

Welcome to the Overholt Overview

We have set up this page to provide our personal overview of all that we do. Our entire careers have been spent in ministry with World Gospel Mission. Our three children and their families have been our greatest encouragement in the ministry in which we are presently involved. This web site is intended to bring it all together from our personal perspective. 

We encourage you to come alongside us and help champion the work in Choluteca which is a ministry of World Gospel Mission.  Check back occasionally. We will attempt to add a blog article each month as a "ministry update".

Overholt Ministry Video

Learn more about the Choluteca ministry. Thanks to Jessica Hogan for producing our video.


Larry and Angie


Larry and Angie both grew up in Ohio.  Angie's father was an United Methodist pastor. Angie's family moved to the Fredericktown, Ohio area where Larry lived when they were teens.

They attended Asbury University for two years and were married at 20 years old. Both are graduates of The Ohio State University and are avid Buckeye fans. 

Regional Ministry Blog


In pursuit of holistic growth, our goal is to stimulate the spiritual growth of students and to educate them in life skills. They are given supporting education knowledge, such as learning computer, while fostering the values and competitiveness of our graduates. A vocational education helps promote innovation and entrepreneurship through the identification and development of business ideas for later use.

Our most recent news letter


  We are thankful for all that God has done in the Choluteca ministry this year. We work with a fantastic team. As we near 38 years of ministry with World Gospel Mission, we are convinced that there are people in place who can do a great job of continuing with the vision that God has given to all of us.


Vocational Education


 History of the school- In 2000, the Choluteca regional ministry team concluded that vocational education was one of the biggest needs in the region. Vocational education was viewed as a great opportunity to facilitate community transformation and could be used to teach skills which would enable graduates to obtain better jobs. 

Health Promotion


 Our regional community health promotion program was started in 2015. The program is reaching over a thousand school children each week in five different schools. In addition, our community health promoters are reaching the homes in the community of Apacilagua. In the future, our health promoters will develop an "after-school program" to mentor youth in the community.

The Church


The Choluteca regional ministry started in 1999 as a result of Hurricane Mitch. The immediate need was to establish a church in the region. The result to date is ten established congregations. The church continues to be involved in the transformation of people's lives and is expanding into new communities around Choluteca. The church is the foundation of all that we do. 

Study Abroad


 Employers are interested in hiring college graduates who have international experience and a global vision.  They seek to build a workforce that is capable of interacting with people of different cultures. Students recognize the value in obtaining international experience and building relationships with people from other nations. Educational institutions are responding to the challenge of providing international experience to the university education.  Honduras is a great option for your study abroad experience.  

First Nursing High School


The nursing high school is a Step Program. Our program not only prepares our graduates to go into the nursing profession, but to also directly enter the university nursing program. Our graduates are qualified for existing positions in nursing and are prepared to open new occupational opportunities. The nursing high school program has the potential to transform health care in Honduras.

Sponsor our Students


Everything we do involves education. However, only 31.7% of the youth between the ages of 15-17 are attending classes. It is essential that we be involved in helping young people obtain an education that will prepare them to find dignified jobs. Students in our vocational school and in the nursing high school may be sponsored for the amount of $1000 per year. Note: ten sponsorships are needed to fully fund a vocational school student and twenty are required for a nursing school student. 

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